ஓம் ஸ்ரீ ஆதி பாரா சக்தி

The Shri Maha Kali Devi Mandir Inc. cordially invites you


to Our 3 Days Mariamman Annual Puja
to be held on: July 27th - 29th 2018 at
170 Van Siclen Avenue,
Brooklyn New York 11207
For more info Please contact us at:
Tel: 347 750 6803
Officiating Priest: Pujarie Anil Mangal
A.K.A Anil Mangal


The Executives and Members of the Shri Maha Kali Devi Mandir invites you, families and friends to attend our 19th Annual 3 Days Karagam Puja. Come and join us as we give thanks and praise to our Divine Mariamma/Kali Maa for her year round blessings. Please see below for puja schedule and fasting instructions!

Friday 27th July, 2018
6:00 AM ~ Raising of Mother Kali and Krishna Flag
7:00 PM ~ Grand Eye Opening of the Divine Mariamma
8:30 PM ~ Depart to beach to Build Karagams**

Saturday 28th July, 2018
6:30 AM ~ 7:00 AM ~ Service
9:00 AM ~ Going to Beach for Mother Ganga and Kaateri Puja ***
12:00 PM ~ Service
2:00 PM ~ Hanuman Jhandi
7:00 PM ~ Service ~ Bringing out of Karagams to Street

Sunday 29th July, 2018
5:00 AM ~ Service
6:00 AM ~ Open for public prayer
10:00 AM ~ All around Service glorifying the Deities
1:30 PM ~ 2:00 PM ~ Invocations and Looking after of Devotees
5:00 PM ~ Taking Back of Karagam to the Ocean**

**Only men will be permitted to partake in this activity
*** Everyone should assemble at Mandir vicinity by 8:30 AM
Note: Any pujari desiring to take active part in Puja should maintain a mandatory 21 day fasting beginning Friday July 6th, 2018.

All Pandits, Pujaries, Singers, Drummers and the general public are welcome!

3-Day vegetarian fasting is mandatory for all beginning Thursday Midnight (July 26th , 2018)

(for fasting guidelines please click here)


yen Guru Wai

Yen Guru Wai (Calling Upon the Guru) portrays the life and legacy of the late Pujari Basdeo Mangal, and documents his spiritual voyage over several decades. Through the film, we bare witness to the realization of Pujar’s dream of spreading the sacred Mariamman spiritual tradition across the Americas. Award-winning director, Manauvaskar Kublall, documents the impact of this vibrant and innovative leader and his Karagam Pujas—sacred rituals—where the Divine Mother Goddess, Mariamma, is summoned from the ocean to bestow healing to devotees amongst a backdrop of drumming and singing.

Indo-Caribbeans were brought to British colonies such as Guyana, starting in 1838, as Indentured laborers after the abolition of African slavery. In the face of an oppressive system that threatened cultural continuity, physical abuse and ailments, emotional and psychological trauma, spiritual traditions such as the one documented in Yen Guru Wai were resurrected as a form of healing. Through the courageous journey of Basdeo Mangal, this film imparts an inspiring story of a people's power to heal themselves spiritually.

August 11, 2018 - Two Showings

RECEPTION: 3:30pm SHOWING 4:00pm

RECEPTION: 6:30pm SHOWING 7:00pm

* Your ticket includes a special Q&A after each showing with filmmaker Manauvaskar Kublall (Media Sutra, Inc.), Pujari Anil Mangal (son of Basdeo Mangal), and special guests.

Tickets are $15. Limited Seating.

Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase. Visit and purchase at
Buy them now, before we open the event to the public, while they last!

Limited tickets also available to purchase at the Shri Maha Kali Devi Mandir Inc. at 170 Van Siclen Avenue Brooklyn NY 11207.

For inquires about the tickets and/or sponsorship opportunities please contact Ricky at 917-951-2394 and Sandra at 646 -377-2574.