Ganga Maa (The River Mother)

The ninth deity that we worship is Ganga Maa.

From the beginning of evolution studies showed that all life originated from the ocean.  Hence, Maa Gangay is also the Mother of creation. For this reason, women who are unable to conceive pray to Her with the desire to be granted a child. This form of Mariamma is also the remover of all sickness and diseases. She washes away all impurities on land and also purifies the mind, body and soul of Her devotees who bathe with Her waters.
After any Mariamman puja is performed, all offerings are taken to Ganga Maa asking her to receive the prayers of Ammaa’s devotee. Also, during the annual three-day puja, Ammaa’s karagam is first constructed and invoked by the waterside before entering her Temple.