The seventeenth Devata that we worship is Mariamma or Maha Kali Ammaa.

Who is Kali?
- She is like the ocean under the moonlight, from far it is black and scary, but up close, the water is clear and pure. – Shri Ramakrishna.

Maha Kali Ammaa or Mariamma is the infinite power of the cosmic world. She is known as “Adi Para Shakti” or the “eternally limitless power.” Hence, Her names and forms are endless. Just to name a few, depending on the geographic location in India, this divine Mother may be referred to as Lalita Devi, Mariamma, Dakshineshwar Kali, Big Mother or Madurai Meenakshi.

Mariamman is an ancient form of Maha Kali commonly worshipped by the people of South India. Mariamman also means “man and woman in one,” signifying that She is the all powerful divinity. This Devi is also worshipped as a village Goddess that removes small pox and many other diseases from Her devotees. Devotion and puja is offered on to Her by farmers to eradicate evil and breast their crops.

Mariamma is known for shattering all attachments from Her truly surrendered devotees and teaches them contentment of the mind.

"Is it possible to understand 
God's action and His motive?

He creates, He preserves, and He destroys. 

Can we ever understand why He destroys?
I say to the Divine Mother:
“O Mother, 
I do not need to understand.
Please give me love for Thy Lotus Feet.”

The aim of human life is to attain bhakti. 

As for other things, the Mother knows best."
– Shri Ramakrishna.