Saraswati Maa

The fifteenth deity that we worship is Saraswati Maa.

Saraswati Amma, also known as Varde Maa or Sharde Maa, is the consort of Lord Bramha. She is the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, talent, art, music, speech and intellect. Mother Saraswati is always dressed in white or off-white clothing representing purity.

Those who are sincere to Her will never lack purity of the mind, heart and soul.

She sits on a swan which is capable of separating water from mud with its beak. Similarly, where there is pure knowledge and devotion, we seperate-out ignorance.

We pray and ask Her to sit on our tongue as we sing devotional songs such as Mariamma’s thallatu, and so that we may always speak words of her vibrations, for She is the source of all knowledge.