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Madurai Veeran

Madurai Veeran

The eighteenth deity that we worship is  Madurai Veeran.

Madurai Veeran (Victor of Madurai). He is the guardian of Mariamma’s temple. His puja is always performed last, giving him thanks and praise for allowing us to complete Mariamma’s poosai (puja) successfully.

Madurai Veeran stands for truth, victory, and justice. He is often worshipped by those who have conflicts with the law. Sincere devotion to this Swami leads to control of the mind.

Introduction to Madurai Veeran
Madurai Veeran is a Tamil folk deity popular in southern Tamil Nadu, India. His name was derived as a result of his relationship with the city of Madurai and he is the protector of Madurai. Madurai Veeran protected Madurai and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and is still protecting Madurai and all of his devotees.

Mythology behind Madurai Veeran
Madurai Veeran is commonly worshiped as a guardian deity by the Tamils. When the town of Madurai was troubled by bandits, the Pandyan king ordered Veeran to fight. Veeran then met Vellaiyammal, a royal danseuse, and both of them were attracted against each other.
The Pandyan king, who was himself attracted to Vellaiyammal, did not encourage this affair. Some people in the king’s court complained to the king that the delay in attacking the robbers was due to the fault of Madurai Veeran. This made the king to become furious, and chopped his one hand and one leg and afterwards he ordered his guards to kill him also. On hearing about this, Bommi and Vellaiyammal(both of them loved Madurai Veeran), asked the king for the injustice caused to Madurai Veeran.
 History says, that Madurai Veeran is brought back to life by the effort of Bommi and Vellaiyammal. Veeran, there after has taken his shelter in Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.
 A shrine was later erected at the east gate of Meenakshiamman Temple by the Pandyan king. The story persists through the singing of songs and street theatre.


Today there are several temples dedicated to Madurai Veeran across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. One famous temple dedicated to Madurai Veeran is situated in Hanumanthapuram, Chenglepet District, Chenglepet, Tamil Nadu. At this temple there are shrines for 18 feet statue Madurai Veeran, Pachaiamman, Nataraja, Bhairavar and Karrupanna Swamy besides seven Kannimars. All of these deities are KULA DEIVAMS to many people and also are KAVAL DEIVANGAI, for all the people who worship them. He still protects his devotees from thieves and he is worshipped by everyone, without any caste discrimination.
 There is one small road side temple dedicated to Madurai Veeran in Agaram, Chennai. People will gather in that temple during festivals and give their offerings.

Benefits of Worshipping Madurai Veeran
Madurai veeran is worshipped in villages with grand celebrations when different customs are performed, and goats or chicken are sacrificed for the god. He is also offered Beedis (country made cigarettes) or cigars and alcohol. Madurai veeran who is a guardian of Madurai, will also be with us as our guardian, and will protect us from all sorts of problems, and safeguard us from our enemies. We can worship Madurai veeran by going to his temples or otherwise, we can worship him at our home with his picture. He will definitely answer to our prayers and will be with us. Let us pray to the Great and Brave Madurai Veeran for our wellness in our life and chant his name ‘OM SREE MADURAI VEERANE NAMAHA’.


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