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Kateri Maa

Kateri Amma
The tenth deity that we worship is Kateri Maa.

Kateri Ammaa, also referred to as Small Mother or Mother Parameshwari, is a dark complexioned Devi who brings nothing but light, fruitfulness and joy to her devotees once she is devoted to with love and sincerity.

Kateri Ammaa works alongside Ganga Ammaa; Ganga Ammaa is the granter of certain boons while Kateri Ammaa is the maintainer and protector of such boons. Women pray to Kateri Amma when they are unable to conceive and to protect their unborn child.

Mariamma takes the form of Kateri Amman to accompany her children anywhere regardless of the cleaniness of the environment. This form of Mother is also capable of entering the bodies of her children to remove any illness or impurities whether it may be medical or supernatural.


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