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Master Sangili Karuppan (Karuppasamy)

Sangili Karuppar

The eleventh deity that we worship is Master Sangili Karuppan or Karuppasamy.

Master Sangili is known as the black Chain Master. He is the protector of all land and controller of all other boundary masters.

He is the guardian of villages, Temple grounds and also removes all spiritual impurities and blockage within our path and mind.

Introduction to Karuppasamy
Karuppasamy is regarded as the God of Justice. He is essentially a village deity, who is very popular in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, as the God of Protection, the Kaaval Deivam. He is also an essential part of the rural culture and is worshipped with faith by the people from very ancient times. He is also said to have been worshipped in many civilizations across the world, in different names and forms.

Depiction of Karuppasamy
Karuppasamy is usually depicted as a dark man with a muscular body, thick mustache, and fierce looks. He holds a long sword in his right hand and rides a white horse. The sword is the symbol of strength, through which he is believed to bring justice to people. He is also well adorned with ornaments and flower garlands.

Significance of Karuppasamy
‘Karuppu’ in Tamil means black color and ‘Sami’ is God. Karuppasamy is thus a black-colored God, who is worshipped as the upholder of righteousness and morality.

Worshipping Karuppasamy
Karuppasamy is worshipped in villages in an annual festival with grand celebrations when different customs are performed, and goats or chicken are sacrificed for the god. He is also offered Beedis (country made cigarettes) or cigars and Naravam or some form of modern alcohol.

Blessings of Worshipping Karuppasamy
Lord Karuppasamy is the God of truth and justice, who is also regarded as a symbol of energy and wisdom. People worship him with flowers and holy ash, and annual festivals are celebrated in villages in his honor. Devotees believe that his worship can fulfill their wishes, and to break them out of bondage of substance usage (drinking, smoking etc.), and protect their villages from all calamities. He is also regarded by many as a representation of Kalki Avatar and is called Kalki Karuppasamy too. It is believed that his worship can be of great benefit in this Kali Yuga and that he can remove delays, instill love and mutual affection, and cement relationships for a happy living.


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